Greystoke Primary School

Working together to provide a safe, happy and stimulating environment so that all our children reach their full potential.

Welcome to Greystoke

I hope you enjoy this great opportunity to see and understand more about our school and all the wonderful things that happen here. I am sure that this website will give a flavour of our school and our children. We are adding information to it all the time so please join us as often as you can. If you would like to contact me for an informal discussion or a school visit, please either ring/email the office, or use the contact us at the top of the homepage.

Mary Thornton


If you would like a hard copy of anything you see on our website or If you wish to contact us please click here to address your query / request to Mr David Henson who will be able to respond to your request effectively.


Our School Calendar

    09th March 2017

    Yellow Class Assembly

    27th March 2017

    Yr2 Residential

    28th March 2017

    Yr2 Residential / Yr3/4 Botanic Gardens

    29th March 2017

    Yr2 Residential / Yr3/4 Botanic Gardens

    30th March 2017

    Orange Class Assembly

    04th April 2017

    Yr3/4 Production

    05th April 2017

    Yr3/4 Production

    25th April 2017

    Yr 3/4 Bug Workshop

    04th May 2017

    Yr2 Twycross Zoo - Blue Class

    08th May 2017

    Yr6 SATS

    09th May 2017

    Yr6 SATS

    10th May 2017

    Yr1 Brock Hill

    10th May 2017

    Yr6 SATS

    10th May 2017

    Yr4 Residential

    11th May 2017

    Yr6 SATS

    11th May 2017

    Yr4 Residential

    12th May 2017

    Yr4 Residential

    19th May 2017

    Rec - Botanic Gardens

    25th May 2017

    Magenta Class Assembly

    12th June 2017

    Yr6 Warning Zone

    15th June 2017

    Red Class Assembly

    28th June 2017

    Yr1 Sudbury Hall

    29th June 2017

    Green Class Assembly

    05th July 2017

    Yr5/6 Production

    06th July 2017

    Yr5/6 Production

    11th July 2017

    Sports Day

    13th July 2017

    Leavers Service