Strike Action Update

Dear Parents/Carers,

Further to my previous email concerning the National Education Union (NEU) strike action on the 1st February 2023.

We now have more definitive news on how the proposed strike will affect us at Greystoke Primary and are pleased to advise you that at this stage we are not anticipating that any classes will be affected.

We have reviewed our fire and health and safety plan for the day and are confident that our contingency plan should any teachers decide to wait until Wednesday to inform us that we will be safe to operate throughout the school. 

We do have a number of teachers striking, with our full support, and a number of colleagues unable to attend work due to childcare issues caused by their children’s schools closing so staffing levels may be a little different on the day but we will not and have not broken any of the rules of the strike in order to maintain the safe running of the school.

For information, future strike action is proposed to take place on the following dates and we cannot at this stage confirm the situation on these dates but will advise as soon as we can:

Wednesday 1st March

Wednesday 15th and Thursday 16th March

Yours Sincerely

Ronnie Richardson