Welcome to Greystoke’s Advisory Board

At Discovery Trust the Board of Trustees (sometimes known as the board of directors or governing body) is ultimately responsible for governance of the schools in the trust and is accountable for their performance. To support effective governance and oversight, the Board has delegated governance function to be carried out through committees, locally through each school Advisory Board and through the central executive team.

The Advisory Board has a range of responsibilities:
  1. Supporting good governance of the school.
  2. Safeguarding and promoting the values of the school.
  3. Supporting the Headteacher of the school and being a critical friend.
  4. Monitoring the achievement, quality of teaching and behaviour and safety.
  5. Supporting effective financial governance.
  6. Engagement with the school’s key stakeholders e.g. parents/carers, pupils and staff.

Advisory Board Members 2022

Ronnie Richardson

Term of Office 03.10.22-02.10.25

Attendance at AB Meetings 2022-23: 3/3

Attendance at AB Meetings 2021-22: N/A

Part-time Maths Teacher at Charnwood College, Director of NKJM Properties Ltd, Close relationship with Director of Renergy Solutions declared on 06.10.22


Aneeta Hulait

Community member and Chair

Term of Office 17.5.21-16-5-24

Attendance at AB Meetings 2022-23: 3/3

Attendance at AB Meetings 2021-22: 3/4

Fostering team manager, Leicester City Council since Sept’14; registered member of Social Work England declared on 19.9.22

Hello, my name is Aneeta Hulait and I am the current Chair of the Greystoke Advisory Board.  I have been a parent member since 2017 and Chair for the last 2 years. I am parent to three children – two girls of 17 and 16 studying for A Levels and my son is in Year 4 at Greystoke.

My working background for the last 25 years has been in Children’ s Social Care. I have been a Team Manager for the Fostering Service of Leicester City Council for the last 6 years.

I went through a Scottish Education system and have continued further education and learning throughout my life.  It was the foundation of a solid school education with excellent teaching that inspired the curiosity and critical thinking that gave me a love of learning.  I have the same ambition and aspiration for the children at Greystoke which is why I chose to become part of the Advisory Board. It is great to work alongside a school team and board who want to pursue that same vision.

Dina North

Parent member

Term of Office 7.2.22-6.225

Attendance at AB Meetings 2022-23: 3/3

Attendance at AB Meetings 2021-22: 1/2

CEO, Consultant and Clinical Therapist declared 24.1.23.

Hello, my name is Dina and I am a member of Greystoke Advisory Board. I am a local parent to three children –  I have a child in reception and one in Year 3 at Greystoke. I am familiar with the school through my extended family (who have been using the school for over 50 years!), and I have good knowledge of the local area.

 My working background has been in specialised services and as a business consultant and therefore I hope to offer support for the staff, children and academy at Greystoke.

 I have previous experience in governance and volunteering and hope to add to the success of Greystokes in my role.

 Interesting facts: I am a qualified yoga teacher, teaching assistant and have developed sign language for universal language communication (mostly used for children). I also work closely with the local university’s in Leicestershire and Coventry and well connected for research regarding children, education and leadership. 

Paul Meredith

Community member & Vice Chair

Term of Office 4.9.22-3.9.25

Attendance at AB Meetings 2022-23: 2/3

Attendance at AB Meetings 2021-22: 4/4

No business interests declared 7.9.22

I moved Leicester in 1984 and have worked in City Schools since 1985. We live in Leicestershire and my children attended County schools. Taking a break from teaching in September 2018, I became a Community Member of the Advisory Board as I felt that I had skills and experience as a class teacher and Senior Manager to support Greystoke School. As an active member of the Advisory Board we can work together as a community to raise standards, to support children, parents and teachers to help deliver a pertinent, relevant and fun curriculum, to inspire and motivate the next generation. 

Lizzie Wright

Staff Member

Term of Office 26.9.22 – 25.9.25

Attendance at AB Meetings 2022-23: 2/3

Attendance at AB Meetings 2021-22: N/A

No business interests declared 10.8.22

Lizzie joined the advisory board in September 2022 as the elected staff member.  

Neeta Jain-Mistry

Community member

Term of office: 26..9.22-25.9.25

Attendance at AB meetings 2022-23: 2/3

Attendance at AB meetings 2022-23: n/a

Part-time Maths Teacher at South Charnwood High School  Director of NKJM Properties Ltd (Property Rental); Close relationship with Director of Renergy Solutions Ltd (Renewable and Energy Efficient Technologies Fitted) declared 6.10.22

Mark Rose

Parent Member

Term of Office 10.05.21 – 09.05.24

Attendance at AB Meetings 2022-23: 2/3

Attendance at AB Meetings 2021-22: 4/4

No business interests declared 16.9.22

My name is Mark, I’m the newest member of the Greystoke Advisory Board and I currently have twins in Reception at the school. 

Professionally I’ve always worked in Marketing and Communications across a number of sectors from Financial Services and Engineering to Aerospace, Oil & Gas and, most recently, Pet Food, working with colleagues across the world to develop and manage global and European projects.

Currently I’m on a career break, with the focus being on supporting my family, which is why I wanted to take an active role in learning more about the great things happening at the school and looking at where I can add my own expertise to help shape and develop the vision for pupils, teachers and parents.

Alongside maintaining the academic results, I also strongly believe in the core values the school promotes and the mental & physical well-being of the children to learn, have fun and be inspired in their educational journey with the support of a great community.

Get In Touch

If you have a passion for improving outcomes for children and would like to use your skills and expertise to contribute to the governance of our schools please get in touch by contacting the Trust Central team c/o clerk@discoveryschoolstrust.org.uk

You can contact our Chair of the Advisory Board, Aneeta Hulait, directly ahulait@dsatgreystoke.org or via the Trust Clerk.

Board meeting minutes are available on request. Requests should be directed to the Trust Clerk clerk@discoveryschoolstrust.org.uk

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