Hello, my name is Aneeta Hulait and I am the current Chair of the Greystoke Advisory Board.  I have been a parent member since 2017 and Chair for the last 2 years. I am parent to three children – two girls of 17 and 16 studying for A Levels and my son is in Year 4 at Greystoke.

My working background for the last 25 years has been in Children’ s Social Care. I have been a Team Manager for the Fostering Service of Leicester City Council for the last 6 years.

I went through a Scottish Education system and have continued further education and learning throughout my life.  It was the foundation of a solid school education with excellent teaching that inspired the curiosity and critical thinking that gave me a love of learning.  I have the same ambition and aspiration for the children at Greystoke which is why I chose to become part of the Advisory Board. It is great to work alongside a school team and board who want to pursue that same vision.