Joining Greystoke

Greystoke Primary School is a fantastic place to be as we are all committed to providing an inspiring learning experience for all of our children. By employing a team of highly skilled practitioners who are like minded in our values and approach we are united in our drive for excellence with common goals. High quality teaching and learning, inclusive and skilled pastoral care, creativity and innovation rooted in developing curious minds and excellent communication skills are the foundations of our wider school offer to ensure a holistic approach to our children’s education and support.

It is our intention that all of our children leave us at the end of year 6 ready and prepared for the next stage of their life and educational journey. We are resolute in our commitment to ensuring our children are kind, tolerant, independent, appreciative, curious and fun-loving. Each step of their educational phase with us is perfectly planned and pitched to encourage these qualities alongside meeting and often exceeding national requirements regarding the National Curriculum. Our results speak for themselves in demonstrating how this approach manifests in exceptionally high outcomes which are consistently above national standards year in year out.

We strongly believe that our school is so successful and achieves its full potential due to the support of our families and the local community and we could not be prouder of these relationships. We are open, honest and welcoming of all feedback and love to share all aspects of your child’s time at school in as many ways as possible with you.

Need To Know More?

Please fill out the contact form below and we will contact you with more information on how to join us here at Greystoke Primary. Alternatively Head to the Contact page.