We follow the PM Benchmark reading scheme throughout the school where children will stay until they achieve a level of PM 30. This is assessed every 6 weeks in order to ensure that every child is reading the right book at the right level.  Our end of year expectations are:

End of reception – PM 8

End of year 1 – PM 1

End of year 2 – PM 20

End of year 3 – PM 24

End of year 4 – PM 26

End of Year 5 – PM 30

In addition children read ‘real’ books which they select from the library in a weekly slot. We use the Scholastic Pro reading system whereby children select books which match their lexile level and areas of interest. Once read the children undertake a low stakes quiz to allow teachers to monitor their comprehension skills and ensure they are moved up to more challenging texts as a result.  Every 6 weeks all children from year 3 – 6 (and some year 2 children who are ready) undertake a diagnostic reading screen which will determine their lexile level.  This ensures that teachers can monitor all children and ensure that any children who are not making the expected progress are picked up, areas of weakness are identified and gaps are closed. Our end of year expectations are:

End of year 2 – 480L

End of year 3 – 600L

End of year 4 – 700L

End of Year 5 – 880L

End of year 6  – 1000L

Once again these are floor not ceiling standards and many of our children are reading at a higher level than the set end of year expectations